The Ripple Revolution.

Well since my last slightly strange post I’ve found my mojo and really been cracking on so I have a few pictures for you all to see.

My MIL has gone through a phase of knitting blankets for my boys playroom, there are currently 5 and I have now asked her to stop for fear of not being able to move in there. However the last one she brought over on Friday she had backed with ‘Cars’ fabric, also giving me the leftover. Nathan asked me straight away for a new cushion and a new pouch bless him. Yesterday he had a rare daytime nap and I stupidly decided I would knock out the cushion. This was when I discovered that whatever my mum had done on my sewing machine previously had altered everything and something that should of taken me a few minutes to sew took me an hour by the time I had unpicked, rewound the bobbin, rethreaded the cotton and then messed about with the tension. I am now a firm believer that a sewing machine should only be used by it’s owner. It’s like a lovely pair of slippers. It moulds to the owner therefore this week I have the difficult task of telling her if she wants to sew she needs to bring her machine over. Am I being harsh? It feels like it but I really don’t get very much time so when I decided to do something it frustrates the hell out of me if I can’t get it done. This isn’t the first time my machine has been unwilling after my mum has used it! Anyway here’s the cushion!

What do you think? Nathan loved it and Ethan smiled, maybe he like the colour?!

I had a look on Attic 24’s blog this week too to get some inspiration and to see the beautiful photography that Lucy always has displayed in her posts. I saw her lovely ripple blanket and using her pattern I decided to make a lovely bright cushion for my front room. Here it is with the first few ripples:

I’m really enjoying this and can see my house being filled with lots of lovely ripples. The colours I’m using are really vibrant but they aren’t showing too well in the pictures as the weather is so miserable so there is limited light! Here is where I am up to now:

I’m amazed at how easy it all just flows. I’ve used a lovely pink, blue, orange, bright yellow, teal, deep purple and a pale yellow and now I’m going to start with the pink again. The wool I am using is a double knit that I picked up from the Creative Stitches show I went to at Olympia. I have place an order for some more wool and will blog about that when it arrives as it really will need a post of it’s own!

I’ve also made great headway with my Union Jack swap and will be sewing the final parts in place tomorrow hopefully and will also post about this on another occasion so as to not ruin the surprise!

Have a great weekend you lovely bunch and thanks so much for your visit. If you have time please leave a comment, I’d love to know what you think.


Love always


Lisa xxxx