Sewing and more books!

Wow what a funny old week! I returned from the gym on Monday morning to find that our eldest son had a full blown cold. Strange as when he went to bed on the Sunday evening he was perfectly fine. It turns out this cold is some sort of viral infection that has completely knocked him for six. I’ve even had to take him to the doctor to get him antibiotics for an ear infection. I’m hoping he’s turned the corner now as he finally asked for some food this morning and proceeded to eat two weetabix. It’s the most he has eaten in seven days. That said he has only eaten three bites of cheese on toast for lunch! Anyway enough about that. Due to this though I haven’t been getting as much done as I would of liked as I have been so tired.

I have been making great progress on a current swap I am doing and really can’t wait for that Ta Dah moment! I love how it is looking and really hope Kelli does too! I’ve also tacked the petals down for my Patch! cushion cover. This is now ready to be sewn together which I will be doing this week. Here is how it is looking so far!

I think I like the arrangement as it is but will have a play around before I actually sew it together. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated?

I have also brought a couple of books to add to my collection. I decided it would be easier if I have a few hand sewing projects on the go as well that I can pick up and take around with me.

I intend on having a look through these this evening. The problem I have is that the more books I look through, the longer my list gets so these will be the las books that I get for some time. I now have my own library!

I’m off to have a little sleep now whilst the little ones have theirs! Have a great afternoon and as always thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

Lisa xx



A friend in need…..

This isn’t a craft related post in any way shape or form. This is to show everyone what lovely friends I have.

Our next door neighbours and very good friends Gem and Stu have two children. Reece who is 4 and Lincoln who is just 8 months. They are a lovely family and Gem is always trying to help everyone, normally taking on more than she can comfortably manage but thats just her nature. Over the last few months her baby boy Lincoln has been very very poorly. Nothing serious just illness after illness. She’s a stubborn proud woman that will soldier on never accepting help, I think through fear of someone seeing this as a weakness. Anyway a couple of weeks ago Lincoln had an ear infection in both ears, tonsillitis and a urine infection. He was also overcoming bronchitis. I popped some coffee over to Gem on the Thursday afternoon and she looked exhausted. I’m not talking tired, or a bit worn out. She looked like she hadn’t slept for DAYS. I’ve never in 8 years seen her looking like this so I went back home trying to think what I could do to help. She would never let me look after him as she would see it as her role. I pondered this for a while and then decided I would make their dinner so it was one less thing for her to have to think about. I decided to make them chicken in a white wine sauce. When I took the meal over to her she looked absolutely dumbfounded and completely emotional. Later on her husband contacted me to thank me for such a lovely gesture. I said to Kenny (my lovely husband) that it was only a bit of dinner and he looked at me and said that to me it was but to them I had taken the time to do something special to help them. I continued cooking for them for the next few days, Beef Stew, Tandoori salmon and homemade steak and ale pie. By now Lincoln was on the mend and she was able to get some sleep again. It was a little joke that I was their meals on wheels fairy 🙂

Anyway a few days later my door was being hammered down at 7:15 am! To say I was less than pleased to see the delivery driver was an understatement! However when I saw the little package he had handed me I was truly touched. I received this lovely box…

I opened the box very carefully not know what I was going to find inside. Imagine my delight when I saw these!

How beautiful are these orchids! There was also a box of chocolates as well although they haven’t lasted anywhere near as long as the flowers have! I am so grateful to them for this gift and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would receive them as I was cooking. The thing is I love cooking so it really wasn’t a hardship! Seeing how happy it made them has definitely spurred me on to help other friends in this way should the need arise. It just goes to show that it really is the little things that make the difference. What I found really sad though was not one of their other friends did anything at all to even try to take some pressure off, some didn’t even ask how they were doing and how Lincoln was. At least I can say hand on heart that when our friends were in need we were there for them, and we always will be.

This has turned into a bit of a soppy post. The next one will be showing my new sewing project-the cushion from Patch!

Have a great week……xx

My first craft swap begins…..

I’m not quite sure where the time goes but I have been very busy doing a few things. The world of Twitter was all very new to me until just before Christmas, and now there’s no stopping me! I don’t know where I’d be without my daily fix of crafty tales and inspirational pictures! I’ve also been talking to some amazing people as well, one of them being a lady called Kellie AKA MrsDG. I’m not sure how the conversation started as my memory is awful sine having my two children! Anyway the topic of a swap came up. We started to discuss a few optiond and it was decided that I would cross stitch this for her:

The pattern

The greeny colours will be changed for red so the colour scheme will be cream, white, red and gold! In return Kellie has offered to make an embroidery that I can frame for each of my little boys to have in their playroom. How lovely is that! I have also been coerced into signing up to a heart swap with Popular Craft magazine which I have just submitted (god help me)!

I have been lucky enough to be given some amazing advice and tips from so many lovely people, a special mention to Rachael @sewrayme and Stacy @SoStacySews. Both have been great!

My mum has recently returned from a holiday in Egypt and on visiting my house declared that she ‘needed’ a Kindle cover apparently the one she asked me to buy her for christmas now has suntan oil on! (think she just wanted an excuse). Anyway I picked these fabrics for her:


These are just loosely pinned. I have sewn them together today and included the wadding but I’m really struggling with the tab on the top so am off to look for tutorials on the best way to do this. I will post a picture once hers and mine are completely finished!

Other news in the Rye household is that I decided last Friday night that Nathan, our 2 year old would try without nappies on the Saturday. We got up in the morning and to say the day was stressful and wet is an understatement. By Sunday there was a definite improvement and one week on he’s now asking to go to the toilet. We still have the occasional accident but what a big boy! Our 6 month old has started to turn over frequently now and it looks as though although he’s been a bit relaxed about this he’s now keen and raring to go!

Must dash now as need to find myself some help on that tab before I start my fourth attempt!!!

Thanks for reading………..xx

My first “proper” make-The Kindle Cover…..

Wow, I see I’m not doing too bad on the old blogging front, only 4 days since my last confession….. Anyway I digress! I was fortunate enough to receive a Kindle for one of my Christmas presents this year so I decided it only fitting that rather that shell out £27 for a mass produced cover from Amazon I would make one myself choosing one of the many fabrics I seem to of collected over the last month! I did in fact (with the help of my husband) decide on two! Some of my lovely new friends on twitter suggested that I google to find a tutorial which I duly did and I have to say there are some amazingly talented people out there. However I decided that a lot of them were too tight fitting/fancy for me so I changed the directions for a lap top and phone cover that I had seen in Craftseller magazine and came up with my own method. Here are the chosen fabrics.

Chosen fabrics

These are the fabrics that we chose and also the 1.5oz wadding with a blue plain cotton that I decided to use to line it. I found that I was putting off the actual sewing and I think it was purely down to me being terrified of failure.I’d decided that I loved fabrics, fallen in love with items handmade with fabrics, brought a sewing machine and now I was faced with the sheer terror that actually I might be rubbish at making things! I decided to suck it up and get on with it. It was sewn up surprisingly fast (at least it was for me). There was a slight problem though in that I had cut all of the fabrics and wadding the same therefore the wadding insert was too big for my actual cover.


The kindle did actually fit in but as you can see the insert didn’t! I was a little bit sad but figured that I could just make another one and then I thought actually you know what? I can fix this! And so I got out some scissors and needle and thread and I did just that!

The tweaked version

So here it is. The final version although I still want to make a popper tab to go over the top to protect it from falling out. To say I was/am still chuffed with it is an understatement. I even posted a picture on my facebook page and didn’t care about what my non crafty friends had to say on the matter.

Lessons that I have learnt: Don’t be afraid to get on with it-it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go perfectly first time round.

What would I do differently next time? Make the fabric an extra inch in length.

Will there be a next time? Hell yeah!! I’m already deciding what to make next!

I have had wonderful comments from all of the lovely folk on Twitter and really feel that I am part of an amazing community so thank you and thank you also for taking the time to read this.

Until next time………xx

Crafting, fabric and life….

Well, first post of 2012 and what a year it will be I can feel it in me bones as they say. We’ve had a great start to the year both boys have been great if not a little bit over excited and cheeky. This picture was taken by my sister on Christmas day and although it’s out of focus it’s a rare occasion that our 2 year old will sit still enough to have his picture taken!

Our lovely boys xx

Ive started to get really excited about sewing and fabrics and my first project will be a cover for my Kindle. I also have some great ideas to celebrate the 2012 Olympics and have some fabrics to start playing with for those too! I have said though that I won’t be buying anymore until I actually make something! Here are the lovely fabrics that I have:

I also stumbled upon an unfinished cross stitch pattern that I am now determined to finish, especially since our 2 year old, Nathan saw it and became very excited at the ‘Dragon’! It doesn’t seem like I’m getting anywhere fast but looking at the pictures below I can definitely see that it is growing!

Hope you can see the difference!

I am really enjoying easing myself back into hand sewing but really can’t wait to get back on my sewing machine either. I’m going to dig out a tutorial for my kindle cover and then the process of choosing the fabric begins! I’d like to thank anyone that has taken the time to read this, retweet it, like it, comment or follow and I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings?!

I must also say that I am amazed at the kind and friendly people that I have met on Twitter. It is amazing how many people are there to offer advice, point me in the right direction, not get annoyed when I join a conversation and generally accept me for who I am and what I’m doing. You’re a great bunch of people 🙂

Now then….Off to find that Kindle tutorial………..x

Here’s to 2012!

What an amazing Christmas! Nathan (our two year old) was so much more aware this year and seemed to really involve himself in the festivities which was absolutely priceless. Our 5 month old remained oblivious. Christmas day came and went with us hosting a meal for all of our family and it went surprisingly well, everybody got on and there wasn’t a moment of stress…..

Looking towards 2012 I have so many goals that I am hoping to achieve. I’m a complete craft “virgin” if you like but have so many ideas that I need to learn everything very quickly. My aims for 2012 aren’t the usual get fit etc as I already get down the gym three times per week (sickening I know but I love it). Mine are as follows:

1) To still make sure all my boys (including my husband) are well looked after as this is my number one job.

2) Learn to crochet properly rather than get by on what I taught myself years ago.

3) Design and make some key rings and bag charms with the theme of the 2012 Olympics. Might even have a go at bunting!

4) Make sure I blog once a week and upload a picture of whatever I am making.

5) Become at “one” with my new sewing machine.

6) Return to my old passion of cross stitching.

7) Upload all of my makes to my Folksy shop (If I can bear to let them go)

I am already on the path with the crochet as I have been learning how to make Granny squares the past few days. I’ve also booked my ticket to Craft and Stitch show at Olympia on March 16th (can’t wait). I have some new fabric coming to design my key rings, charms and Team GB gifts so fingers crossed I find the time to make everything! I’m a very organised person (some say anal) so I figure I can crochet, knit and stitch in my evenings and any bigger projects that require a lot of light will be done in my free time in the days. As long as I get everything prepped it’ll be fine.

Thank you to everyone so far that has read my blog and also followed me. I’m very grateful and will make sure that you all have plenty to read and hopefully enjoy over the coming year.


Happy New Year xx

Nearly Christmas!!!

Wow, another year is drawing to an end and it’s been a busy old year for us. I’m now adjusting to life with two young boys (if thats possible) and things are looking great for 2012. On the craft front I have started to enjoy sewing and knitting and have decided to give these a go for next year. I’m very excited. I’ve set up a Folksy shop ready as I’m hopeful and genuinely believe that handmade is the way forward. I’m going to document how I get on and may even share a few pictures with you all! I also think that the amount of items I want to make will end up swamping my house and I’d love for people to get some enjoyment out of my “makes” I’m going to make it my resolution to blog regularly and hopefully will make it interesting! Now I’m off to get inspired and look at some lovely fabrics at Merry Christmas to you all 🙂