Wow it feels like ages since I’ve visited my blog and decided to write something. Sometimes I really want to write a new post but I really don’t want to bore you lovely people that visit for a read. Then I thought if I don’t come back soon that’ll be the end of something that could be so good!

I’m in a funny old place at the moment. I seem to be full of good intentions yet seem to be getting nothing finished. I have about 6 WIP but so many more things I want to start. I’ve decided to be strict with myself though and I’m not starting anything new until I’ve ticked at least one off the list. I need to organise and utilise my time a lot better. Nathan has pretty much dropped his daytime nap now, maybe having one a week but I do encourage him to have a bit of quiet time so that I can sit and get something small done. This isn’t working too well at the moment as I just seem to sit and watch him. His imagination and the way he plays now is just mind blowing. His counting and alphabet are amazing and I experience proud fuzzy feelings of warmth every single day.

Ethan, our not so little baby, had his 9 month health check yesterday. I didn’t particularly enjoy the visit. The lady that came didn’t seem interested in him, in fact she just went through her tick list and when I struck up conversation she gave me a customary smile and moved on to the next point. Oh well, no more visits until he turns 2. I was also told that he has too much milk? He only has 3 small milk feeds a day and 3 main meals plus a snack. He weighs 23lb and in 75cm long. He’s a long cuddly/chubby baby just like his brother was at that age. It drives me nuts trying to justify any aspect of our life especially when she can see he is healthy and I have no issues.

My husband Kenny has just officially been made an Instructor at the martial arts academy that he has trained at for nearly 4 years. This was never the intention but he is a natural leader and strives to be the best at whatever he puts his mind too. He’s actually taking his first class as I type. It’s a very proud moment!

This feels like a funny old post, maybe its because I’m tired? Maybe its because I feel like there is so much I need to do at the moment? Or maybe it’s just because it is?

I’m going to sign off here as nothing is getting finished all the while I type thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope I haven’t bored you…..


6 responses to “Ramblings….

  1. Sometimes it just helps to write stuff down, even if you feel it’s just your ‘ramblings’.

    Ethan is certainly a big boy so he obviously eats what he needs, 3 milk feeds hardly sounds excessive in fact Joshua still has 2! One with breakfast and one at bedtime (though cows milk obvs). It’s a shame your HV left you feeling the way you did.

    Get working through your WIPs! You’re obviously at the stage where you have so many new things you want to try πŸ™‚

  2. A lovely blog. I feel exactly the same at the moment. There seems to be so much I want to do, so much I should be doing and so much I need to do yet no time to do anything. With a 4yr old and a 5mth old nothing seems to be getting done at all! Please don’t worry about your health visitor, I haven’t met any mum yet who only has positive things to say about them. Your baby is happy, you are happy so you’re doing everything right. Just remember, you will eventually get more time to yourself. They grow up so quick so try to savour it! X x x

  3. I think it’s a lovely post! Those warm, fuzzy feelings of awe at your eldest’s accomplishments, the fact that you weren’t overwhelmed by an unhelpful (and clueless sounding) Health Visitor and your pride in your husband’s achievements! So much there to bring a smile…and WIP’s??? You only have 6!?? The corners of my home have WIP’s stuffed in every nook and cranny at the moment….they can wait….enjoy those moments with your husband and your lovely boys! πŸ™‚ xx

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