Twitter Inspiration

My second blog post in a week! Blimey I don’t think that’s ever happened. I’ve been think the last few days though about the people I have met through Twitter. I scoffed when I first heard about it but as soon as I joined I was hooked.

There are so many wonderful people out there and I am truly grateful to anyone who joins in my ramblings, rants or questions. There are however, three individuals who each inspire me for entirely different reasons. In no particular order they are:

Kelli aka (@MrsDG on Twitter) She has an amazing blog that can be found here. It documents the tales of her amazingly busy life as a mummy to four children, whilst also running her own business, growing their food and a zillion other things. She has provided me with countless recipes which really are truly lovely. She is also extremely talented and has made my two boys a beautiful embroidery each. She also makes some of her childrens clothes. Like I said, amazing.

Stacy (@SoStacySews on Twitter) She is what we would class as a “beginner” (That’s her and I by the way) She is by far a beginner and I was fortunate enough to receive a beautiful gift from her as part of a swap that we both took part in. Her blog can be found here and she is very good at providing regular updates with her makes and organisation adventures. She is truly a wonderful person and always makes me smile with her tweets and comments.

Lastly but by no means least is Rachael (@sewrayme on Twitter) She is truly an inspiration and it’s amazing to follow her story from when she first began sewing to where she is now. Every day (pretty much anyway) she posts more glorious pictures of her makes and I have been lucky enough to order some from her as presents for relatives (and myself of course). You can see her wonderful makes and read her blog here.

Anyway I’ve not done a post like this before but I really wanted to share with you all these wonderful people. There are many more that have had a positive impact on my life but I don’t want to bombard you all. Maybe in another post……


7 responses to “Twitter Inspiration

  1. Aww Lisa! This post made me well up right from the start. I love to think that I can inspire others – even if you are all so very far away (and yet at times it feels like you’re all sat in my living room chatting and crafting away!)

    I am proof that if I can do it, anyone can. All you need is to ‘want’ to. I’m still learning new things as I go along and meeting new people is one of the best parts of my journey too 🙂

  2. Great post. It is amazing how much the ‘crafty bunch’ on twitter can lift ones spirits. I feel inspired by everyone and especially you and others with children. I remind myself of how much you all have to juggle when I get overwhelmed with priorities. You are also an inspiration! 🙂

    • Ah thank you Claire. Like I said there are so many other people that I live chatting to. I felt compelled to write this post which is strange as I’m not normally so soppy 😉 xx

  3. Oh Lisa, thank you!! That’s a really lovely blog post!! But what Lisa fails to mention is how incredibly nice and talented she is too!! Down to earth and always ready with kind words…and she also made me a wonderful cross stitch to commemorate my wedding anniversary which I absolutely love!! :)) xx

  4. Hi there, I started following you on twitter today after hearing about Popular Crafts magazine and their craft swap…I completely agree with your views on twitter- I have been on it for a while but only recently learnt how to use it (still learning!) there are no many other crafters out there with lots of cool tips and stories to tell and it has really surprised me how friendly people are! Emma x

    • Hi Emma,

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for taking the time yo read my ramblings! There are truly some amazing people on Twitter and I’m so glad I signed up to it. Even if it does take over sometimes…..

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