Crafting frenzy!

I was going to wait until the weekend to blog again but I will have lots more to say by then so thought I’d squeeze a quick post in now. I received some great news today which I will share on Saturday. I will also post about my visit to the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia which I am visiting on Friday.

I have been overtaken with my crochet. My mum asked me a couple of weeks ago to make her a hat for next winter. That translated in my mums world is can I have it now please?! I told her I wouldn’t do it until I felt more confident but I took the wool and hook with me when we went to Amsterdam last week.

I started by creating the chain and joining it to make the round.

I then began to follow the pattern It’s taken out of my favourite book at the moment, Cute and Easy Crochet and it really is. In no time at all I was tackling Cluster stitch in amongst the double crochet and half treble! I couldn’t believe how quickly it all came together!

I’m not sure if you can see properly the different stitches but I was this far along after just a couple of hours! I then carried on one evening and managed to finish it off! This is the top of the finished hat. What do you think?


That was it. Finished. In total it took me about 4 hours I think and whats nice is there is no finishing off! Needless to say my mum loves it and the colour, although not my choice really does suit her. I’m thinking of buying myself a darker wool and making myself a hat! Whilst travelling I had to put the crochet and hook loose in my handbag which I didn’t like so I knocked up a small fabric bag to put in my bag! Not bad for my first ever attempt and I admit I was too lazy to refer to a book which is why there were mistakes made. It is only for me though and I do love it!

The fabric is Tanya Whelan and is so pretty!


I have to dash now as Nathan needs taking to Pre-School Have a great afternoon and I hope you like my makes!


Lisa xx



7 responses to “Crafting frenzy!

  1. The hat looks great, I might have a go too if it’s as easy as you say!

    I can’t believe you’re teasing us too with the big reveal not until the weekend! I’m dying to know :))

    • Thank you, I definitely think I will make one for myself, even though it’s a glorious day today! Our summer will only last about a month so there will be plenty of opportunity to wear it!

      I’ve got a really good week of things this week. This Kelli and I are swapping too!

      Thanks for your comment Rachael xx

  2. I love the hat Lisa, it’s really gorgeous!!

    I also LOVE the colour – you’ve inspired me to pick the crochet back up and practise some more stitches, in the hope of making one for myself. I’ll probably need until next winter to achieve it.

    Well done, you’ve mastered crochet so quickly, and everything I have seen so far – including my gorgeous flower brooches – is beautifully made!


    • Ah thank you Stacy, definitely pick it up again yours looked great the other day and the hat is really easy.

      So glad you’re happy with your flowers πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your comment xx

  3. Wow the hat is amazing!!! I really like the colour, I think dashes of bright colour like that are so cheering in winter!! Your stitches are really neat too! Also love your little bag but I think I’m loving the fact that you’re crafting while out and about even more!! :)) xx

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