Sewing and more books!

Wow what a funny old week! I returned from the gym on Monday morning to find that our eldest son had a full blown cold. Strange as when he went to bed on the Sunday evening he was perfectly fine. It turns out this cold is some sort of viral infection that has completely knocked him for six. I’ve even had to take him to the doctor to get him antibiotics for an ear infection. I’m hoping he’s turned the corner now as he finally asked for some food this morning and proceeded to eat two weetabix. It’s the most he has eaten in seven days. That said he has only eaten three bites of cheese on toast for lunch! Anyway enough about that. Due to this though I haven’t been getting as much done as I would of liked as I have been so tired.

I have been making great progress on a current swap I am doing and really can’t wait for that Ta Dah moment! I love how it is looking and really hope Kelli does too! I’ve also tacked the petals down for my Patch! cushion cover. This is now ready to be sewn together which I will be doing this week. Here is how it is looking so far!

I think I like the arrangement as it is but will have a play around before I actually sew it together. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated?

I have also brought a couple of books to add to my collection. I decided it would be easier if I have a few hand sewing projects on the go as well that I can pick up and take around with me.

I intend on having a look through these this evening. The problem I have is that the more books I look through, the longer my list gets so these will be the las books that I get for some time. I now have my own library!

I’m off to have a little sleep now whilst the little ones have theirs! Have a great afternoon and as always thanks for taking the time to read šŸ™‚

Lisa xx



6 responses to “Sewing and more books!

  1. Oh I’m glad your little man seems to be on the mend! The patch flower looks great! If it were mine I’d just look at the separating the red petals a bit on the left of flower!! Is that book good? I’ve not got it yet, what projects are in there?

    • I’ve just had a look and think you’re right! I’ll have a rejig. I really like the book there seem to be a lot of projects for a beginner to tackle progressing onto harder projects. There are bags, pin cushion, dog bed, bean bag, door stop, star throw, several cushions, pillow case, wash bag and some other bits! Treat yourself or keep an eye on my blog as I intend on making a few of them šŸ™‚

  2. Im very excited!! Can’t wait to see the finished piece!! I’m also loving your flower petals, the fabrics are gorgeous! Hope your little guy is feeling much better now! :)) xx ps (is the Hand Sewn book any good?)

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