A friend in need…..

This isn’t a craft related post in any way shape or form. This is to show everyone what lovely friends I have.

Our next door neighbours and very good friends Gem and Stu have two children. Reece who is 4 and Lincoln who is just 8 months. They are a lovely family and Gem is always trying to help everyone, normally taking on more than she can comfortably manage but thats just her nature. Over the last few months her baby boy Lincoln has been very very poorly. Nothing serious just illness after illness. She’s a stubborn proud woman that will soldier on never accepting help, I think through fear of someone seeing this as a weakness. Anyway a couple of weeks ago Lincoln had an ear infection in both ears, tonsillitis and a urine infection. He was also overcoming bronchitis. I popped some coffee over to Gem on the Thursday afternoon and she looked exhausted. I’m not talking tired, or a bit worn out. She looked like she hadn’t slept for DAYS. I’ve never in 8 years seen her looking like this so I went back home trying to think what I could do to help. She would never let me look after him as she would see it as her role. I pondered this for a while and then decided I would make their dinner so it was one less thing for her to have to think about. I decided to make them chicken in a white wine sauce. When I took the meal over to her she looked absolutely dumbfounded and completely emotional. Later on her husband contacted me to thank me for such a lovely gesture. I said to Kenny (my lovely husband) that it was only a bit of dinner and he looked at me and said that to me it was but to them I had taken the time to do something special to help them. I continued cooking for them for the next few days, Beef Stew, Tandoori salmon and homemade steak and ale pie. By now Lincoln was on the mend and she was able to get some sleep again. It was a little joke that I was their meals on wheels fairy πŸ™‚

Anyway a few days later my door was being hammered down at 7:15 am! To say I was less than pleased to see the delivery driver was an understatement! However when I saw the little package he had handed me I was truly touched. I received this lovely box…

I opened the box very carefully not know what I was going to find inside. Imagine my delight when I saw these!

How beautiful are these orchids! There was also a box of chocolates as well although they haven’t lasted anywhere near as long as the flowers have! I am so grateful to them for this gift and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would receive them as I was cooking. The thing is I love cooking so it really wasn’t a hardship! Seeing how happy it made them has definitely spurred me on to help other friends in this way should the need arise. It just goes to show that it really is the little things that make the difference. What I found really sad though was not one of their other friends did anything at all to even try to take some pressure off, some didn’t even ask how they were doing and how Lincoln was. At least I can say hand on heart that when our friends were in need we were there for them, and we always will be.

This has turned into a bit of a soppy post. The next one will be showing my new sewing project-the cushion from Patch!

Have a great week……xx


2 responses to “A friend in need…..

  1. I think it was a wonderful thing you did and you should be proud of yourself! I’m a great believer in old fashioned communities were we look out for our friends and neighbours…not many do that anymore and it’s so saddening 😦 your flowers are lovely x

  2. You were so thoughtful and at a time when it was really needed. I’m sure you are kept busy with your own family so it was really selfless of you to help out another family in their time of need. I’m sure they will never forget how you helped relieve some of the burden.

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