My first “proper” make-The Kindle Cover…..

Wow, I see I’m not doing too bad on the old blogging front, only 4 days since my last confession….. Anyway I digress! I was fortunate enough to receive a Kindle for one of my Christmas presents this year so I decided it only fitting that rather that shell out Ā£27 for a mass produced cover from Amazon I would make one myself choosing one of the many fabrics I seem to of collected over the last month! I did in fact (with the help of my husband) decide on two! Some of my lovely new friends on twitter suggested that I google to find a tutorial which I duly did and I have to say there are some amazingly talented people out there. However I decided that a lot of them were too tight fitting/fancy for me so I changed the directions for a lap top and phone cover that I had seen in Craftseller magazine and came up with my own method. Here are the chosen fabrics.

Chosen fabrics

These are the fabrics that we chose and also the 1.5oz wadding with a blue plain cotton that I decided to use to line it. I found that I was putting off the actual sewing and I think it was purely down to me being terrified of failure.I’d decided that I loved fabrics, fallen in love with items handmade with fabrics, brought a sewing machine and now I was faced with the sheer terror that actually I might be rubbish at making things! I decided to suck it up and get on with it. It was sewn up surprisingly fast (at least it was for me). There was a slight problem though in that I had cut all of the fabrics and wadding the same therefore the wadding insert was too big for my actual cover.


The kindle did actually fit in but as you can see the insert didn’t! I was a little bit sad but figured that I could just make another one and then I thought actually you know what? I can fix this! And so I got out some scissors and needle and thread and I did just that!

The tweaked version

So here it is. The final version although I still want to make a popper tab to go over the top to protect it from falling out. To say I was/am still chuffed with it is an understatement. I even posted a picture on my facebook page and didn’t care about what my non crafty friends had to say on the matter.

Lessons that I have learnt: Don’t be afraid to get on with it-it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go perfectly first time round.

What would I do differently next time? Make the fabric an extra inch in length.

Will there be a next time? Hell yeah!! I’m already deciding what to make next!

I have had wonderful comments from all of the lovely folk on Twitter and really feel that I am part of an amazing community so thank you and thank you also for taking the time to read this.

Until next time………xx


7 responses to “My first “proper” make-The Kindle Cover…..

  1. I have a Nook and want to make a simple slip-on cover for it. But I don’t sew. BUT it seems so simple – except the batting/cushioning part. šŸ™‚
    I don’t want a hard cover or to spend that much money on a flippy book style cover from B&N. When I read, I like to just hold the Nook in my hands but I carry it with me everywhere so a protective sleeve would be nice. I’ll tackle the job eventually, just feeling a little intimidated by it, simple as it may be.

    • When I was googling for the tutorials I found one where the used felt as the insert and sewed that up then folded the fabric in half and drew round the outline if the felt case. The fabric was then sewn up, felt inserted and that was that!

      Definitely give it a go!

  2. “Iā€™d decided that I loved fabrics, fallen in love with items handmade with fabrics, brought a sewing machine and now I was faced with the sheer terror that actually I might be rubbish at making things!”

    I think we just might be twins LOL.

    I decided I needed to be more artsy crafty this year but I’m totally traumatised at the very idea of it. My gleaming new sewing machine winks at me in a knowing fashion. I’m too scared to plug it in!

    Love the fabrics you chose šŸ™‚

    • I think we might just be…..

      I tell you what though, I haven’t used a sewing machine in 15 years and first made a few Taggies to practice just using it. I then got a bit crazy buying fabrics and I’m a self confessed book hoarder so I ordered loads of those too! Now I’ve got loads of inspiration and fabric and I actually lose sleep at night getting excited about it all!

      I see you’ve started cross stitching? I love that too and I’m teaching myself to crochet properly too…..

      I look forward to following your blog.

      Bite the bullet and get our sewing machine going…… Can’t wait to follow your adventures xx

  3. I’m so glad you didn’t get put off Lisa! It’s great to have the satisfaction of making something completely yourself!! We’ve all been there when something doesn’t quite fit but it’s usually fixable – unless you’ve cut it too small (been there!!).

    Best of all – you ended up with the hearts the right way up!!! Many a time I’ve gone wrong in ending up with upside-down hearts…. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is!

  4. Well done it looks fab! I am the same, I got a sewing machine for Xmas and am pretty scared of it! Have been practising some bunting triangles on scraps of fabric but I’m still not very good haha x

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