Here’s to 2012!

What an amazing Christmas! Nathan (our two year old) was so much more aware this year and seemed to really involve himself in the festivities which was absolutely priceless. Our 5 month old remained oblivious. Christmas day came and went with us hosting a meal for all of our family and it went surprisingly well, everybody got on and there wasn’t a moment of stress…..

Looking towards 2012 I have so many goals that I am hoping to achieve. I’m a complete craft “virgin” if you like but have so many ideas that I need to learn everything very quickly. My aims for 2012 aren’t the usual get fit etc as I already get down the gym three times per week (sickening I know but I love it). Mine are as follows:

1) To still make sure all my boys (including my husband) are well looked after as this is my number one job.

2) Learn to crochet properly rather than get by on what I taught myself years ago.

3) Design and make some key rings and bag charms with the theme of the 2012 Olympics. Might even have a go at bunting!

4) Make sure I blog once a week and upload a picture of whatever I am making.

5) Become at “one” with my new sewing machine.

6) Return to my old passion of cross stitching.

7) Upload all of my makes to my Folksy shop (If I can bear to let them go)

I am already on the path with the crochet as I have been learning how to make Granny squares the past few days. I’ve also booked my ticket to Craft and Stitch show at Olympia on March 16th (can’t wait). I have some new fabric coming to design my key rings, charms and Team GB gifts so fingers crossed I find the time to make everything! I’m a very organised person (some say anal) so I figure I can crochet, knit and stitch in my evenings and any bigger projects that require a lot of light will be done in my free time in the days. As long as I get everything prepped it’ll be fine.

Thank you to everyone so far that has read my blog and also followed me. I’m very grateful and will make sure that you all have plenty to read and hopefully enjoy over the coming year.


Happy New Year xx


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