Where has the time gone……

So over a month has passed since my last entry, what a useless blogger I am! A lot has happened in the last month, we went to have a look at a preschool ready for Nathan next September but he loved it so much that he started two weeks ago. Yesterday was his first ‘proper’ session. This also ties in with him giving up his daytime sleep and my word did we know it today!

He’s just like his mining respect of when he gets tired he gets clumsy so the first accident took place in the kitchen when he fell over and whacked his head on the concrete floor. I’ve never seen him in so much pain and it broke my heart. Then we had chill out time at lunchtime snuggled in front if the tv but I’m changing this to be one to one time with me. We then had him fall and hit his head on a toy so now he has a very bruised face. Following this was a complete meltdown which was eventually resolved when daddy took him off to calm him down and give him lots of attention.

Now however it’s nearly tea time god help me but luckily bedtime shortly follows……


2 responses to “Where has the time gone……

  1. Oh, poor Nathan! I hate that sound of a small one’s head hitting the floor. Whenever Eli falls it seems like I hear that sound in my mind over and over for some time. Ughh…

    How is preschool going now that he has been going a little while?

  2. It’s terrible isn’t it 😦

    His pre-school is a Montessori one and I can’t praise them enough, we only took him to enrol him for next September but he loved it so much we started him on two afternoons a week straight away!

    How old is Eli?

    Lisa x

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