So with all the best intentions in the world it’s been 9 days since my last (and first) entry! Not the best of starts but it’s been a busy week and where does the time go?

Last Saturday we saw two of our friends get married. It was a great day but as usual after I set out to not really drink I got blind drunk. Not a great feeling. I’ve been reading that people associate drinking with certain things, for example as it’s a Friday night I’ll just have one. Many a Friday or Saturday once we’ve put the boys to bed I pour myself a glass of wine only to pour it down the sink an hour later. Then when I do have a drink it’s the opposite end-I don’t know when to stop. Luckily I don’t go out very often but I really want to lose this association with alcohol that I have so I started researching how to break it and in comes Jason Vales how to kick drink easily. This isn’t aimed at people with drinking problems just generally tries to break the feeling that you have to have a drink to relax or have a good time! We’ll see how it goes…… Kenny will laugh at me as it’s yet another book! The crazy thing is I don’t like how I behave when I’m drunk and I hate not feeling my best the next day so it should be an easy read.

This week has also brought about the first time our eldest son was unwell. He picked up some sort of bug and was not very well at all. He took it more in his stride than I did and as usual was a pleasure to have with me. We’ve started looking back at old videos on our phone and it really hit home to me how quickly time passes us by and how important it is to try and document everything so that when that time has passed you can look back and remember how it all began.

Ethan is doing so well bless him and the two boys together will be a force to be reckoned with!

Overall it’s been a really good week, Kenny’s gone back to college and we’re in a pretty good and solid routine. I really do love my life…..

I will definitely not leave it as long next time-just need to form a new habit!


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